Michelle • 28 • Hufflepuff
Visual artist | illustrator & animator | motion designer & video editor | photographer.
B.Design - Visual Communication Design, H.i.T
Content Creator at Havas Blink

Hello! Some details about me so you know what kind of trouble you're going to face: I'm a bookworm (dystopia and fantasy) hugger who talks non-stop about everything! I have pink hair and I'm an energy bomb. I have hiccups most of the time but I also get scared easily (my body is really smart.) 
I love messy things, drawing and creating at every opportunity!
My dream is to win an Oscar for my work (and I will succeed!) You are welcome to be a part of the road! ♡

Owl post to:
052-4838781 | Michelle.Hahiashvili@gmail.com
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